‘Hardy Plant Wisdom’ – a mindful reflection on #Growth

While tending to my plant collection this morning, I noticed that 3 of my succulent babies have broken off from their momma leaves. I’ve had them on my windowsill for a while now…with little progress to speak of over the last 8-12 weeks.

You see, these drought resistant plants reproduce when their leaves fall off and make clones of themselves – a slow process that requires deliberate neglect, something that is hard for fidgety green thumbs like mine to accept.

I’ve killed and stunted the growth of a few succulents through excess care – frequent watering, lifting them to check root development, altogether giving them too much attention. All this got me thinking about how sometimes in life our ardent efforts to hasten growth can be counterproductive.

Like these resilient bits of nature, at times the hardiest of our qualities can take time to grow. And cultivating them means letting go of what would traditionally spur growth in other areas of our lives.

While relentless effort worked in other areas, sometimes what is needed is patience.

Patience to let the process take place.

To let the virtues bud, and take root.

You see, given the right conditions and time, nature does it’s thing. And one day, you start seeing the beginnings of a new, resilient life form.

As you begin your week, worry not about how long it takes to produce what you desire.

Do your part by creating and sustaining the right conditions, and let the growth happen, when it will. – By SerialHobbyist KE  Digital Storytelling/Reflection for Akole.Africa

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