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Shamanism and Esoteric Practices

Sacred Circle of Fire

Energy Healing

Beyond Doorways Healing

Energy Healing

Alchemy Healing with Sound

Energy Healing

Chakra balance with crystals and sound

Integral Sound Healing


Abdominal therapy

Space Clearing (In-Person)


Corporate Wellness


Yoga Adventure

Animals & Nature

Customized Adventure tours.


Private Yoga classes

Counselling and Psychology

Online psychotherapy session

Massage Therapy and Physical Manipulation Sounds, Scents and Colours

60 min duo sound massage

Massage Therapy and Physical Manipulation Sounds, Scents and Colours

60min individual sound massage


Somatic Yoga Private Session

Wim Hof Method Private Class

Other (Uncategorized)

Breathwork Coaching

Energy Healing

EXPERIENCE Pranic Healing

Energy Healing

DISCOVER Pranic Healing

Emotion Code and Energy Healing

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