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Khilan Shah (Madhusudanadas) is a devotee, husband, father, working professional, a Bhakti Marga Yoga and Meditation teacher, and a Bhakti Marga Rituals teacher.


He was initiated into the 5000 year old ancient kriya lineage as a teacher in 2014 by his Satguru and Kriya Yoga Master Paramahamsa Vishwananda who is based in Germany. With the continuous practice of Atma Kriya Yoga over many years Khilan has and continues to experience profound and positive inner transformations – something he wants everyone to also enjoy and have the opportunity of a living experience of pure and unconditional love in their daily lives.


Khilan is also a Bhakti Marga Rituals and Vedic Chanting teacher. Through the worship ritual called puja and through the vibration of Sanskrit Chanting, one can enjoy the sweetness of caring for the Divine as we would with any loved one thereby allowing us to express our love and enjoy the intimacy of sacred time together with the Divine.


Khilan teaches Atma Kriya Yoga, Mudras, Project Mantra, conducts Om Chanting sessions, Vedic Chanting and Puja courses with Bhakti Marga Kenya over his spare time in the evenings and over the weekends.