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I Never Knew I Had A Choice

Are you getting what you want from life? Do you sense a need to make changes in your daily life?

I interviewed psychologist Lynn Huma where she explores a few ideas and factors that affect choices and change in order to help you increase your awareness about who you are, and see the choices open to you.

In this episode, we cover several key topics including:

  1. 5 Factors that Influence Choice
  2. The different Approaches to Personal Growth
  3. What are Multiple Intelligences and lots more!!

Watch the trailer here

Watch the full episode here

If you prefer to listen, it is available on Spotify or your preferred podcast platform

Listen to the Trailer

Listen to the Full Episode

I would love to hear your feedback from this episode. If you found it insightful, please share whatever takeaways you got. If it has been useful, please share with a friend, enemy or frenemy.

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Spiritual awakening is simply the realization or remembering of who you are. This is not a conceptual understanding, this is a deep experiential knowing. Every awakened being will tell you that awakening was not like anything they thought it would be.