Naturally Relatable Wellness podcast is for African women (and men)

What happens when you put a life coach and a naturopath together? Take a guess.


Well in this case, you get a Kenyan wellness podcast.


And in a space where there are not many, this is a welcome one.


Naturally Relatable Wellness Podcast is the name of this podcast. And according to the pilot episode, it’s a safe space for Kenyan women to talk about all things wellness.


The host is Dosila Ogolla, a certified life coach who loves speaking life into people. You can find her online at That Girl Relatable. Her co-host Stephanie Ali is a Kenyan naturopath and herbalist. Her mission in life is to give love and service to people everywhere she goes.


They launched their wellness podcast on October 15th 2022. As a Libra baby, this was a perfect birthday gift.


Naturally Relatable Wellness Podcast


What I love about this Kenyan podcast is it’s full of fun, bubbly and relatable women. It feels like a warm hug from friends on a Sunday afternoon. They talk all about mind-body connection, morning routines and body image. And why their podcast has such a long name.


According to them, wellness is available to you wherever you are – even in a slum. It’s as simple as drinking a herbal tea or taking in some vitamin D. When do you breathe and take care of yourself? Especially as a mother and superwoman?


Their aim is to inspire, empower and entertain. To represent African women and men in the wellness space. And with 4 podcast episodes out, they sure have. I cannot wait to hear more from this life coach and naturopath duo.


Listen to Naturally Relatable Wellness podcast on Spotify or Soundcloud

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