Love Dive Retreat

What is love? What prevents us from experiencing love? How can we be connected to Love more deeply? How can we act from a place of Love no matter what the circumstance?
Welcome to Love Dive: an exploration and immersion of your Self in Love. This weekend retreat has been created from Love, for Love’s fulfilment – to explore the true meaning of Love philosophically, experientially and spiritually.
Love Dive, is a 2 day process, open to all. The first day we will dive into the depths of the Love Within and the next day we will bring that Love out of ourselves to shine into our lives and in the world. Step into Love. Experience its Power, Beauty and Healing. Be the Love you Desire.



Beautifully selected practices and techniques will take us through a multilayered, integrative 2 day process that will include yoga, breathwork, meditation, dance and movement, spiritual & philosophical discourse, intuition, channelling, conscious touch, the use of herbs & crystals, oracles, aromatherapy and more.
Day 1
On Day 1 we will go inwards to investigate the intricate, dynamic and varied meaning of Love. We will look at our internal balance of Giving and Receiving, and we will use different practices to open and access our
Hearts, remove blockages that prevent us from feeling Love, and discover for ourselves the power of Love as a Master Teacher and Healer.
Day 2
On Day 2 we will move from within to the outside, exploring the manifold expressions of Love. We will learn different modalities to embody Love, to experience the expansion and openness of Love to others and the world, and to practice the potent Alchemy of the Heart. This day will be about celebrating Love, and by doing so, experiencing wholeness, unity and oneness in Love.
Love Dive will be a soft and strong experiential process, working at all levels of the body and mind. We are so excited and honoured to hold this space for you.



Set on the plains of Laikipia, Sandai Farm is steeped in tranquil simplicity inviting you to return to nature, and
the present moment. Just a 3 hour drive from Nairobi, this simple yet stunning place, with views of Mount
Kenya on clear days, is a sanctuary and a home away from home.
The property consists of a main farmhouse surrounded by several cottages and larger guest houses. You can enjoy a private or shared room, or book a cottage with friends.

There is also a campsite not far from the main house, with washroom amenities, a large fireplace and space for tents and camping vehicles (you will need to bring your own equipment).
Meals during our retreat will be vegetarian, with gluten free options and made with a lot of Love.
If you’d like to stay longer, you can also choose to book a safari in any of the 4 nearby conservancies / parks. Horse-riding, nature walks, archery, painting and drumming are also possible, on arrangement.



Paula Arranz – Mujer Naturaleza (Woman Nature)

Paula is a lover of nature and ancient wisdom, music, dancing, traveling, painting and enjoying life. She is a Life Coach specialized in women, Menstrual Therapy and Integral Masculine Cyclicality and Healing of Uterine Memories. She is also a Teacher of Ovarian Breathing, Feminine Alchemy, Feminine Sexuality and Alchemical Breathing, Sacred Sexuality, Tantra and Plant Therapy.

Paula accompanies women and men on their journeys of Self-Knowledge and Healing. Through this, we return to the Divine Expression that we are and reconnect with our bodies – the Temple where alchemy and magic can take place. This journey opens us, allows us to blossom and reconnects us to our Divine Feminine and Masculine and the Sexual & Creative Energies. Through this process we open our Hearts and elevate our Consciousness, experiencing and embodying the integration of ourselves as Whole and Complete. Paula’s
work integrates meditation, archetypal wisdom and embodiment, breath-work, movement, dance, yoni eggs, medicinal herbs, oracle cards and art-therapy.

Neha Erasmus – Spolosophy

Neha is an Intuit, Healer, Teacher, Facilitator and Guide. She works with individuals, groups and organisations, helping them move towards the highest possibilities for their lives and work.
Neha’s purpose is to reveal and share the infinite intelligence and power of Love to transform our Selves and our World.

In 2021 Neha founded Spolosophy (Spiritual-Political-Philosophy) as a vehicle for the evolution of human consciousness and the creation of Abundance in this world.
Neha works one-on-one with individuals, guiding them through an intuitive healing process of ‘deep transformation’. She also runs courses, workshops and tailored experiences for groups. Neha advises and facilitates bespoke programmes for organisations, helping them to apply spiritual principles to deepen their work, elevate their power and impact and manifest more abundance in the world.
Neha has worked with clients all over the world, and has fifteen years’ previous experience in social and political transformation in the Horn of Africa.


Melina Moors – Soul Yoga

Melina grew up in Germany but has been living in Kenya for 16 years. She first moved here for a research project, then stayed on for work and love, building a career in the safari industry. In 2015, she went through a major shift in her life and embarked on a new path: the practice of yoga. This led her to a deeper study of the
human body and how it connects to our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Since then, she has trained in multiple styles including Sivananda, Iyengar and Ashtanga-inspired yoga. In 2021, she completed Yin yoga training with renowned teacher Norman Blair, as well as a certification in Thai Yoga massage with Francisco Morales-Bermúdez from Synergy Yoga.
Melina continues to be fascinated with the transformative healing powers of yoga and intuitive bodywork. To her, our body is a 3-dimensional map full of wisdom, holding many clues and keys to help us achieve personal growth & higher states of consciousness. Her classes and sessions help us access deeper energetic and emotional layers within ourselves and heal them.
Melina loves blending yoga poses and movement with breathwork, music, meditation, aromatherapy and deep relaxation techniques. She is thrilled to share her knowledge with you in Laikipia this coming March!



We have a range of options for you to choose from to join the program. You can join as a Day Participant, for either one or both of the days. You can also choose to stay as an overnight guest for the full weekend, taking
either 2 or 3 nights stay at the retreat space. If coming from Nairobi, we recommend a 3-night stay for the most immersive and relaxing experience.
The deadline for EARLY BIRD bookings is on 20 January, 2024. After this date, the rate will increase for all options. The last date for booking is on 29 February, 2024 – provided there is still availability at that time.

Please get in touch with any of us to get all the rates options and the needed forms for registration

Neha +254 713 808644
Melina +254 717 300488
Paula +254 719 881779

With much Love from the 3 of us!!


Mar 02 - 03 2024


8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Mar 02 - 03 2024
  • Time: 12:00 am - 8:00 am






Sandai Farm
Near Mweiga

Other Organizers

Melina Moors
Melina Moors

Yin & Multi-Style Yoga Instructor