The Power of We

The Power of We: Moving Together as One

Taiji is a practice of and for communities, in as much as it is about developing personal and individual growth. It is an essential element to the alchemy of change and the intentional power of practice. The power of community in movement allows us to see that we are one. In our moment we move together as we slowly peel away the facade we normally use to shield ourselves. We expose both our strength and weakness. This vulnerability and visibility give us the permission to let go for there is no longer anything for us to hide from ourselves or others.

For the first time we get to see each other outside of the veil that normally conceals us. Liberated from our ego we learn to move together as a community we begin to connect at a different vibration. We see and weave our energies as a single thread. Moving in our strength outside of the constructs of gender, age, color, or capability. We engage in a practice of supporting and connecting to one another. We climb out of our silos and see each other within the power of community. Thus developing a culture and space for harmony, balance and reciprocity for our movements.

The training in communities teaches us the soft skills of empathy and deep listening and how to manage our conflicts from a relaxed state of being. It does this without us relalizing it is occurring – as our frequency becomes aligned we subliminally as members of the community simply follow the teacher or leader of the practice as our subconscious absorbs the inner lesson.

I must emphasize that the power of community engagement should not be overlooked for it is the string which binds us together in our humanity and oneness.

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