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Why get a wellness program for your workplace?

Save Time: Take the legwork out of retreat and team-building planning. Our group sessions allow teams to learn and engage in fun, collaborative and interactive sessions!

Boost Productivity:

  • Wellness sessions and workshops help improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace.
  • Individuals who participate in mindfulness sessions take fewer leaves of absence.
  • Learn mindful time management skills and techniques for improving sleep and maintaining an optimal inner state.
  • Participants often report elevated moods, reduced stress and increased mental clarity.
  • Increased focus, creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • People who take mindfulness classes are more collaborative, communicate better and feel happier in what they do.

Reduce Stress: Tons of stress-busting options to choose from: meditation, yoga, financial wellbeing, nutrition… the list goes on!


Included in your subscription program

  • Mindfulness & Meditation Classes
  • Keynote Speaking & Virtual Coaching
  • Corporate Workshops & Retreats  
  • Financial Wellbeing
  • Conscious Communication
  • Spiritual Leadership
  • Deep Breathing Techniques
  • Integrative Therapy

    Sessions include printable worksheets and resources. Custom, branded programs are also available. Request pricing in the form.


Wellness for your team in 4 Simple Steps

  1. Choose Your wellness sessions or workshop.
  2. Select Your Class Frequency (Weekly, Biweekly, Monthly)
  3. Select the number of people to attend the sessions.
  4. Choose Your Format (Virtual, Onsite or Both)

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FAQs About our corporate wellness programs​

Our corporate wellness programs help reduce stress and prevent burnouts.

All our workshops and sessions are secular (non-religious) evidence based practiced rooted in modern neuroscience. Sessions can take place in regular office settings eg. boardrooms, in retreat spaces or from the comfort of your home.

No special equipment is needed and the language  used is 100% office-friendly and easy to understand.