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Ever since I begin my journey on self love I have realised that I have been selfish. What is selfishness really…personally, selfishness is the art of expecting from someone what I should be doing for and to myself.

How could I ever expect someone to understand me when I don’t even understand myself,the journey of self discovery is for a life time and that is if you are blessed enough to awaken to embark on this beautiful journey of evolving and unfolding of your soul.

I am committed to forgiving myself for all the limiting beliefs I have held, such that led me to selfishness. I forgive myself for baring a grudge on an expression that is just here to express and to embark on a journey of understanding who they are just like me!

This self forgiveness and healing has led me to a great Appreciation for other expressions like me and a deeper sense of self love and acceptance . I am so happy and grateful for all the Expressions in my life?

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