Despite decades of investment in democratisation, human rights, constitutional reform, statebuilding and other ‘development’ approaches, today’s world remains a far cry from the ideals and visions activists, freedom fighters and liberation heroes of the past struggled and died for. In fact, things seem to be getting worse, with the rise of neo-facism, huge and growing inequality, unbearable systemic corruption, the breakdown of social cohesion and outbreak of conflicts and the hijacking of public freedom and space.

So why, despite our best efforts, and the most organised investment in people we’ve made in history, are we facing such dark times? What can we do differently?

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Perhaps it’s time to go back, for the future.

This is a course about how ancient wisdom can help us examine where we as a changemaking community may have got it wrong, and how we can chart out new ways to transform our societies. If you’re an activist, NGO worker or policy influencer and are tired of the ‘same old’ ‘same old’, this course is for you.