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What is Menstrual and Uterine Therapy?

This is a process of self-knowlege and energetic healing of our Feminine essence, that combines all my knowlege and experience in Coaching, Menstrual Therapy, Healing of Uterine Memories, Feminine and Sacred Sexuality, Alchemical Breathing and Ovarian Breathing, Feminine Alchemy.

The Menstrual Therapy is a method developed by Zulma Moreyra, based on our menstrual cycle (whether we still have our blood or not), where we can see reflected the portal wounds that we carry in all stages of our life as women: childhood, adolescence sexual women, mature creative women and when we enter menopause or from our ancestors.

These portal wounds are situations that are recorded somewhere in our body unconsciously and arise throughout our lives as repetitive situations, emotional obstacles, pain and even illnesses.

So, every month, through the observation and understanding of our cycle, we have the opportunity to see these portal wounds and bring clarity, consciousness or the possibility to heal that pain.

Uterine memories are records of information that we receive while we are in our mother’s womb, not only of the DNA of our mother and father, but of everything that happens from the moment of conception. For this reason, we arrive with a lot of information, the effects of which can be manifested throughout our lives. In addition, from that moment, our uterus also begins to store information from our own experience and the different stages that we go through, which will also affect our life.

In this therapy we will work with all the information that we carry, that make us be, express and behave in such a way, to be able to heal and reaorganize whatever is needed. It is a process of energetic healing which has an impact in the rest of your body and the result of it, is related with the level of participation and involvement of the person in the process and the commitment with yourself. It will not only contribute to your personal healing but to the previous and next generations of your linage and to the Collective Feminine Healing, as if you heal, we all heal.

It is a magical process of transformation where I only accompany and facilitate you the process, as all the answers are within you. You will be able to see them in the same level that you open yourself to see them and walk them. Even after finishing the process, it can take some more time for things to settle and manifest externally.


This program is for you if:

  • You have irregular cycles, menstrual pain, “premenstrual syndrome”…
  • You have any diagnosis in your sexual organs: PCO´s, fibroids, endometriosis…
  • You want to conceive consciously or have difficulty getting pregnant.
  • You want to heal your uterus of any traumatic experiences or memories.
  • You are entering a new life stage and you want to do it with awareness and connecting with all your potentialities.
  • You feel things that may not be yours and that you carry at an energetic level.
  • You feel blocked in some areas of your life.
  • You have difficulty manifesting the life you want and deserve.
  • You want to explore, heal and enjoy your sexuality and pleasure.
  • You want to work on your family system and find your place in it.
  • Understand and close experiences of your family heritage that may be limiting you now.
  • Heal your feminine, your relationship with yourself and with being a woman, and integrate and heal your masculine.
  • You have already done some other process with me and want to go deeper.

What is it about?

We will have 12 online sessions of 2 hours approximately, every 2 weeks on Tuesdays during 6 months. Although the time can be longer sometimes up to 2 hours and a half and I also recomend to always count with some time for you after the session to relax and stay with yourself. We will also have 2 extra shorter sessions during the process (middle and end) just to share and evaluate how are we doing in the process.

NEXT GROUP STARTS TUESDAY 12TH JULY 6:30PM EAST, 17:30 (GMT+2) (the stablished time and date is flexible to be changed according with the availability of all participants in the group one is created)

The sessions will be recorded and you will have access to them during the 6 months of the process, although it is neessesary to be live in the sessions during the process. It can be some excemptions, but the attendance is a comitment with yourself.

We will have a Whatsapp/Telegram group where I´ll be supporting and accompanying you during all the process and where we can be sharing.

You´ll also have access to a Drive forlder with theory and support material, bibliography and some books of the bibliography and extra practices and meditations to keep going deep into your self knowledge and healing process.


What are the things we are going to work on?

This is a complete process of 12 online sessions in which every month will work in one of the stages of the life´s women and layers of our uterine memories:

Month 1: Introduction and Self knowledge

Session 1.1:

-Introduction to our cycle, understanding our cycle, which information we can observe and collect and how can we do it.

-Tools to start the process like a cleansing of our body with herbs, creating our own medicine..

-Uterus Activation

Session 1.2:

-Knowing our body, its parts, reproductive process, how to observe our body, the use of speculum, etc.

-Blood autodiagnosis, eco alternatives for our menstrual blood

-Conecting with our ciclicality through ovarian breathing, feminine alchemy

Month 2: The small girl and Menarchy.

Session 2.1:

-Recognizing my child´s wounds

-Active massage to liberate blocked emotions

Session 2.2:

-Connecting with my inner child

-Resignifying menarchy (the moment of our first blood)

Month 3: The Alchemy woman and Sexuality

Session 3.1:

-Recognizing my sexuality´s wounds

-Active masage to liberate blocked emotions

Session 3.2:

-Sacred sexuality, recognizing my body and pleasure

-Self touch and self love through alchemical breathing

Month 4: The Creator Woman and relation with parents

Session 4.1:

-Recognizing my creator´s wounds

-Relationship with the mother

Session 4.2:

-Relationship with the father

-Connecting with the creator that I am

Month 5: The Lineage Woman, Menopause and Uterine Memories

Session 5.1:

-Recognizing and finding my place in the Family Tree

-Intrauterine life: conception, gestation and delivery.

Session 5.2:

-Recognizing menopause and my family´s and ancestors wounds

-Following the red chain of uterus

Month 6: Integrating all the women within me

Session 6.1:

-Recognizing the women that I am now

-Integrating and resignifying our past as our wings

Session 6.2:

-Integrate all women that I am and giving birth to myself

-Conclusions and closing

In all the sessions it will be a time to share our observations in our cycle and anything relevant to our processes, we will do different dynamics to work the women or topic we are focus on in that session and a closure dynamic to release what is needed and activate the body to continue working on the things we have moved until next session.

This is a whole therapy process that integrates and combines my knowledge and experience in Coaching, Menstrual Therapy, Healing of Uterine Memories and Ovarian Breathing, Feminine Alchemy. I will use different tools and techniques to facilitate the sessions such as meditation, visualizations, art-therapy, oracles, cleansen with herbs, dance, movement, massages and breathing.

What is the investment in yourself?

Before the group therapy, I invite you to book a FREE session with me, to know each other, know more about this therapy process, experience a bit of how it wll be, and see if this is something that can serve you.

And if you feel that this can serve you, the investment in yourself is 70Є or 7000 Ksh per month.

You can book your spot sending the first month´s exchange through Mpesa in Kenya or Paypal for the rest of the world or registering through Conscious Kenya here.

The spots are limited.

If you ave any doubts, please get in touch with me: +254719881779

Really looking forward to share, grow and heal together!

Lots of Love


The event is finished.


Jul 12 2022


6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jul 12 2022
  • Time: 11:00 am - 1:30 pm