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Art of Meditation

Embrace this once on a blue moon opportunity to experience the Art of Meditation with esteemed instructor Swami Vishampayan. This workshop will teach you how to find inner peace and solace during moments of turmoil, manage stress more effectively and handle personal problems more skillfully. The art of meditation is also a great way to boost your creativity and deal with depression in today’s fast pace of life.

Make time this September 12th to 14th 6pm to 8pm for yourself to learn how you can:

  • attain a profound inner state of peace (Samadhi) and experience a deep and lasting sense of wellbeing
  • enhance your self-awareness, improve your mental clarity and focus and ameliorate your insight and intuition
  • experience a deeper sense of safety and satisfaction in life

This unique opportunity is available to all, whether they are established in mindfulness practices or completely new and inexperienced.


About Swami Vaishampayan ji

Swami Vaishampayan’s lineage goes back to the ancient Indian seers. He started practicing yoga as a young. boy and was introduced to Art of Living by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar in his youth. In 2001 he became a full time instructor of the Art of Living courses and has continued to lead various training programs in several countries across the world, some hosting up to 40,000 people. Swami Vaishampayan’s vision is one of a stress-free and violence-free society and a smile on every person’s face.

“you can experience joy in life when there is no stress, so in these program we teach some techniques including Sudarshan Kriya which is practiced by over 20 million people in more than 150 countries to release stress so that life can become a celebration”.


Get in touch if you have any questions or need support on any of these numbers: 0737463900     0736591789    0733850238

Please register at the link or book by sending your contribution via Mpesa payment to 0728914162 (Sonal)
Venue details: Valand Samaj, 20 Mogotio Road, Westlands

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Hourly Schedule

12th September

6pm - 8pm
 A one to one session with Swamiji, to explore the mystery, that is your mind. Learn the skill of how to fine-tune this wayward & dynamic mind.

13th September

6pm - 8pm
Experience, under the Teacher's guidance, the flavours of your Mind. Practice and learn how to harness it.

14th September

6pm - 8pm
Unleash the power of your own abilities, be your own guide, practice and learn the skill of stilling the mind and raising your prana.


Sep 12 - 14 2023


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Sep 12 - 14 2023
  • Time: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm






Valand Samaj
20 Mogotio Road, Westlands


Art of Living
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