Meet Sakina Salim – Our Lifestyle Coach

Sakina Salim lifestyle coach diabetes prevention nairobi

Have you ever met a lifestyle coach? What do they do? And where can you find them?

Meet Sakina Salim

Find out how she transitioned into a transition coach and a type 2 diabetes prevention coach. And why she loves to help people wherever she goes.


How did your Lifestyle Coaching journey begin?

Giving has always been an integral part of my life.

As a child brought up in America we always did fundraisers in school which was very special to me.
Fundraising and giving back to society and communities at large, really stuck to me. It felt very rewarding and from that point onwards, its been embedded in my blood.

Upon moving to Kenya, I started volunteering with American Women’s Association. I have served as the vice chair for 20 years now. Through outreach programs and fundraisers we focus on empowering women and assisting children and the elderly.

Going through many transitions in my own life, I thought I could share my experiences and help others on the way, hence becoming a transition coach. Later I saw I needed to also help others struggling with their health after having a slight scare with my own diabetes A1C blood sugar reading. Hence I became certified by the US CDC to run diabetes prevention programs and as a lifestyle coach specializing in Diabetes Care and Education.

There is a commonality in all I do. Grow myself, and help others to the best of my capacity.


What is your day at the clinic like?
My day at the Waterfront Karen clinic is pretty exciting. When you love what you do, its always a great day. Seeing how my clients succeed means everything to me.


What are some of the illnesses or conditions you help people with?
I help adults and teenagers with coaching and those who are looking to improve their health. I have helped many teenagers overcome OCD and manage their anxiety and stressors.

Where your health is concerned, I accomplish this through a USA based prevent T2 lifestyle change program, which is an evidence based program which is proven to work if you are looking to lose weight or get more physically active. Surrounding yourself with the necessary literature and tools can be pretty effective.


If there’s one thing you would change in the world what would it be?
I would change how we perceive people. Society is so quick to judge without really knowing the back story of a person and what they might be facing.

I always feel, if we can’t do anything, the least we can do is smile and spread kindness. We never know who might need our kindness most.


What are some of the challenges you face with the work you do?
The challenges I face are people not believing in themselves or feeling they can not accomplish their goals and visions in life.


What’s your preferred holistic wellness modality?
Connecting to nature. Its the best way to uplift your body, mind and spirit.


How can people contact you?
They can contact me on Instagram at Born to Transform, email or directly via phone or Whatsapp +254 722 351052

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