• Master fear.
  • End your karma.
  • Open up your vision.
  • Own your judgement.
  • Understand energy.
  • Open to guidance.
  • Take control.
  • Master power.
  • Let go.
  • Create trust & equality.
  • Understanding and making choices for group.
  • Enrolling.
  • Surrendering to your service.
  • Planetary goals. 
  • A superbly challenging 8-session course with extremely difficult homework and very stringent ground rules.

All workshops are five sessions long and all cost $400. In a group and $800 if held one to one.

Here we aspire to the high ground of spirituality in leadership by challenging our moral, ethical and spiritual standards.

Our ability to consciously create the realities we want for ourselves and others is put under examination and we have to set up a project to enact in the community for our higher service. Intention, power, self-mastery, compassion and love are all contexts we create for this course.