I offer one-to-one sessions that transform negative and limiting beliefs using a combination of coaching, intuitive guidance and the powerful tool of PSYCH-K®. The process provides accelerated change and offers you the ability to make deep and powerful shifts in just one session… permanently. Sound too good to be true? ‘Change is hard’ is just another belief!​

Deep Transformation combines several different techniques to powerful effect, but is built on the foundation of PSYCH-K®. Scroll down to learn more about PSYCH-K®.

Coaching: I offer a safe space and offer questions to help you navigate your inner world, identify limiting and negative beliefs that are holding you back, and feel and articulate what you desire so that we can then re-program your sub-conscious and create change in that area of your life.

Intuitive Guidance: I intuit energy and channel wisdom and guidance that gives you insight and a greater understanding of your self and your journey.

PSYCH-K®: PSYCH-K® is a groundbreaking process derived from ancient mind-body knowledge and cutting-edge neuro and biological science that allows you to safely and permanently change beliefs at the sub-conscious level.

These are just a few of the areas of life in which deep transformation can be used to facilitate healing and change. It is also possible to address several areas of challenge in a series of sessions.

Professional life and relations, work mindset and leadership
Relationships and love
Abundance, financial prosperity, manifestation and flow
Phobias, anxieties and stress
Grief and loss
Physical and mental wellness
Self-worth and personal growth
Weight-loss and mind-body connection
Addiction (and its root causes)