In person or Zoom 20 minutes

We will explore the roots of the issues you would like resolved, including where you are with any self-healing work you have already done up until now.

We will clarify goals that make sense to your life and come up with a strategy for making progress on them through my program.

Packages of Sessions
I recommend that you purchase a package of sessions. Clients usually find any EFT extremely helpful, even a single session. Most issues, especially ones that have been in your life for a while, have complex roots that are more completely addressed with a series of sessions. We will discuss this during the Discovery Session.

Why can’t I book a single EFT session?
I discourage single sessions with new clients because it can take a while to develop rapport, ferret out the roots of the issue and address them.

Many of my clients come back for a single ‘tune up’ session now and then or get a reduced-price package to resolve a troublesome issue that has worked its way up into daily life. This is easy for both of us as we already know and trust each other.


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