Practitioner & Vendor Membership Subscriptions

Practitioner Membership Subscriptions

2021 Holiday Promo @ 700/- Monthly (KES 300 OFF)

Holiday promo 2021 Regular fees 2022
1 Year Practitioner Lotus Membership 16,900/- (Save 3000/-)  19,900
1 Year Practitioner Rose Membership 10,200/- (Save 1,800/-) 12,000
 6 Months Practitioner Rose 6,000/- (Save 1000/-) 7,000


Services 3% commission + 3% transaction fee = 6% total
Events / Live Workshops (online or offline) 5% commission + 3% transaction fee = 8% total
Products 22% commission + 3% transaction fee = 25% total
Co-organised Workshops / Live Courses 32% commission + 3% transaction fee = 35% total
Static Courses 40% commission + 3% transaction fee = 43% total

Commission Definitions

  • Service  – a personal therapy or bookable group session by a wellness practitioner.

  • Events – one-off or regular group events. These can be in-person or online. Conscious Kenya has a Pro Zoom account that is available for those who need it. The events can be open to the public, or private, and attendance can be capped or unlimited.

  • Live Workshops – One-off events of longer duration (4 hours, half-day, full-day) on a particular topic or theme.

  • Products – physical or virtual products that individual vendors can sell through the Conscious Kenya platform. For physical products, we will be working with a delivery partner to ensure same-day delivery within the same city.

  • Co-organised multiple-week Workshops / Live Courses – A series of meetings targeted towards a particular learning, for example a course, a training, a TTC, or exploration of a particular topic or practice. Conscious Kenya will partner with the practitioner or teacher to integrate resources (articles, videos, etc), interaction (e.g. forums), and a structured program into the online course feature

  • Pre-Recorded Courses – Online courses or trainings that can be bought and accessed via the Conscious Kenya platform. We will help you package the material and resources into a beautiful and accessible format through our courses platform.