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My  wellness journey and spiritual journey is deeply rooted in the practice of yoga and my passion for adventure, complemented by my background degree in Land, which also intersects with my involvement in affiliate property real estate.


In 2016, I embarked on a transformative path by embracing yoga as a means to alleviate the burdens of overwhelming stress. The healing effects of this ancient discipline were profoundly inspirational, propelling me toward the role of a yoga teacher, which now occupies a significant portion of my career.

My journey is characterized by an unwavering sense of exploration, extending to both the inner and outer realms of existence. This innate curiosity has led me to engage with a diverse array of holistic practices throughout my life, including breathwork, meditation, yoga, Qigong, affirmations, and the art of healing through immersion in nature, be it through outdoor experiences or mindful consumption. These experiences have not only shaped my personal well-being but also enriched my ability to guide others in their  wellness journeys.

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In my practice of mindfulness, I predominantly focus on teaching creative vinyasa and yin yoga, which serve as the foundational elements. However, I am committed to enhancing the experience by incorporating a diverse range of tools tailored to the unique needs of my students at any given moment.

As a Trauma-informed Teacher, I have completed various workshops, extending my expertise into realms such as kids yoga, somatic massage, nidra psychotherapy yoga, HIIT yoga, and African Yoga. These workshops have provided me with a comprehensive skill set to address a wide spectrum of wellness needs.

Furthermore, I complement my teaching with my personal practices, including meditation, inquiry, and breathwork. This holistic approach allows me to offer a well-rounded and expansive experience during my sessions, ensuring that I can cater to the individual needs of my students, nurturing their physical and mental well-being.


Breathwork, Dance and Movement, Energy Healing, Therapy, Yoga


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African Yoga, Power Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga


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