Sacred Feminine Rising


We are living in a time of immense change, where the Rising of Feminine energy is needed to change the current trajectory of our lives and our world.


For thousands of years the feminine energy has been repressed, hidden and undervalued. As a consequence, we have rejected it and detached from it. This has created imbalance and many wounds that are currently manifesting in our lives and in society.


We need to reconnect with our feminine energies to restore balance within ourselves as well as catalyse the healing of all. We are being called to connect with the essence of who we really are, our Nature, our Wisdom and our Gifts. It is our moment to reclaim our connection to our bodies, our sexuality and our creative capacity; to step into our Inner Power and Heal ourselves.


Sacred Feminine Rising is a 6-week course that combines teachings, practices and tools, including meditations, visualizations, Ovarian Breathing, Feminine Alchemy, Intuitive Guidance, Dance, Oracles, Herbs, Art-Therapy and more. We will meet every Saturday, beginning 18 June, from 2:30 – 5:30pm, and dive deep into a different theme.



You will step into your feminine power and innerstand who you truly are. You will connect and build a new relationship with yourself and your body. You will see yourself in a deeper and compassionate way and learn to truly love yourself. You will stop struggling and fighting and start flowing. You will start to hear your inner Self and use your intuition to guide you in life. You will open up your creativity and tap into your sexuality. You will know you have innate magical abilities and you will learn to use them. You will connect with a group of powerful and beautiful women.


  • feel disconnected, disillusioned, stuck, caught up in the everyday, and/or pushed and pulled by pressures and stresses rather than motivated by joy and desire.
  • feel under-appreciated, overwhelmed.
  • want to remember who you really are
  • want to reconnect with yourself, body and Nature.
  • want to access your inner power and step into flow, abundance and creativity.


18 June: Feminine Rising

We will talk about the Consciousness Rising and the New Earth and why the Rising of the Feminine is needed. We will remember the ancient worship of the Goddess, matrilineal societies and how it was destroyed and removed to establish patriarchy and capitalism which has led us to the current state of the world. We will connect with and experience our feminine energy.

25 June: Healing & Inner Power

We will discover what Healing is, how it elevates our consciousness and expands our power. We´ll dive into the different ‘layers’ of the body, how wounds function and how healing works. We will also remember the healing power in our Feminine Cyclicality.

2 July: Sacred Sexuality

Within our sexuality lies our creativity, our ability to live with pleasure and joy, and to connect with abundance and manifest the life we desire. In order to unlock our full potential we need to know ourselves, resignify our relationship with ourselves and our body, and heal our sexuality. We´ll experience and talk about anatomy, pleasure, tantra, sacred sexuality and more.

9 July: The Feminine Creator

We will talk about the energetics of creation and understand how Creativity is the divine expression of our souls and the fulfillment of our destiny. We will remember that our Creator Power goes beyond creating human life: we’ll learn how the Creator Woman creates from her womb and nurtures from her heart with consciousness.

16 July: Ancestors & Wisdom Keepers

We will learn about our connection with our ancestors and our lines of energy; our ancestral wounds and powers. We will reconnect to Wisdom Keepers within our ancestry and ourselves and remember that all wisdom is already within us, transferred to us from our ancestors and lineages, and that it is stored in our uterine memories.

23 July: Nature & Magik

We will innerstand the importance of re-connection with Mother Earth and with our Feminine Nature, the magick within ourselves, the power of rituals, altars, prayers, the elements, guides and much more.



Neha Erasmus, Spolosophy

Neha is an intuit, healer, teacher and facilitator, and the founder of Spolosophy (Spiritual-Political-Philosophy). She has studied ancient wisdom from different traditions across time, and connects them into a holistic and practically applicable discourse.

Neha works with individuals, groups and organisations, creating bespoke programmes and experiences. She teaches the theory and practice of inner power, and facilitates a Journey to the Higher Self through intuitive, structured processes. She is driven by a vision of an abundant world in which all beings are authentic, free and powerful creators.


Paula Arranz, Mujer Naturaleza (Woman Nature)

Paula is a lover of nature and ancient wisdom, music, dancing, traveling, painting and enjoying life. Certified Life Coach specialized in women, Menstrual Therapist and Integral Masculine Ciclicality, Healing of Uterine Memories, Teacher of Ovarian Breathing, Feminine Alchemy, Feminine Sexuality and Alchemical Breathing, Sacred Sexuality.

She accompanies women in their journeys of Self-Knowledge and Healing, remembering the Wisdom and Healing power that each of us have within, the Divine Expression that we are, connecting with our bodies: the temple where the Alchemy and Magic can happen.



This course is for women who wish to move from struggle to flow, from overwhelm to wonder, from stuck to freedom, from human to divine. This course is for women who wish to remember and realise the hidden and sacred power of the feminine energy.

The total investment in yourself for the course (6 weeks) is 24,000Ksh. A maximum of 1 class may be missed and made up for at the next edition of the course.

To book your spot a deposit of 4,000kshs is required. The balance may be paid by the beginning of the course. You can send your booking to M-pesa: 0719 881779 or

If you really wish to participate in the course and are not able to fulfil the economic exchange, please get in touch with us for the possibility of a partial scholarship. We trust that this offer will be used responsibly. We are offering this, as we desire that every woman who really resonates with this journey, can take it :).

There are limited spots. ALL WOMEN ARE WELCOME!!



  • You are your only vehicle to what you desire. No one else can give you what you need. Only YOU has the map to your destiny and can remember and connect you to abundance, joy, freedom and peace.
  • As you evolve and elevate, everyone and everything around you does too. What you do for yourself is exponentially multiplied and spread.
  • You are an embodied womb. Whatever you take in, you grow and create out in the world. If you take in power, beauty, wisdom, freedom and connection, that is what you will create!
  • Because you are inherently WORTHY of loving yourself, investing in yourself, expanding yourself, evolving yourself, reaching your highest potential and fulfilling what you were born to fulfil.
  • Because YOU DESERVE IT. It is an act of Love and commitment to yourself.


Once you book your spot we will send you an email or message with directions to the venue (in Westlands) and any other important information you need to know, to prepare yourself for this journey.

We will also send you a brief questionnaire with the intention to assist us as your facilitators, especially in the practices of Ovarian Breathing, Feminine Alchemy and adapt them accordingly to your needs.

We will provide all material needed for practices, some natural herbs for infusions, tea, and some fruit.You just need to bring a notebook and pen, a bottle of water, your yoga mat and your beautiful energy.

Cancellations can be made with a full refund 7 days prior to the beginning of the course, and with a 50% refund 3 days before the start date of the course. Any cancellations after this period are non-refundable.

If you have questions about the Course, please feel free to contact us on 0719 881779 (Pau) or 0713 808644 (Neha).

We look forward to going on this journey with you!

Lots of Love!

Neha and Pau

The event is finished.


Jun 18 2022


2:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jun 18 2022
  • Time: 7:30 am - 10:30 am




Happy Valley Court, East Church Road, Westlands
In the garden

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