Art Excel – online


All Round Training in Excellence (an Art of Living workshop for children aged 8 – 12)

Parents, Sign your child up for our 2.5 hrs online All Round Training in Excellence (ART Excel) Course

This program covers every area of a child’s development. Through fun, laughter and play, our A.R.T Excel participants become more self-expressive, comfortable and natural with family members and diverse groups of people.

The program includes  an optional 30 min activity which  includes fun, creative crafts, skills, and games. Parents may join in the fun activity to experience the simple pleasures of feeling content, calm, grateful and happy


Help your child to 

·       Make a new friend each day

·       Learn techniques that calm the mind and energise the body

·       Learn valuable lessons in sharing with others, working and playing in harmony and developing a sense of belonging with others

·       Discover talents, enhance confidence and aptitude

·       Improve health, memory, concentration

·       Develop vital non-academic skills such as the art of making friends, handling fear, anger, frustration, pressures from school and peers

·       Improve communication, teamwork and leadership skills

·       Kindle creativity with FUN filled activities

·       Do random acts of kindness to help them become aware of the needs of others

·       Encourage the integration of human values into their daily lives

·       Overcome shyness

·       Be Happy

Cost (Art Excel participants): R350 (new participants)  (Repeaters: R150)

BANKING DETAILS (EFT and Direct Bank Deposits)
Account Name: The Art of Living Foundation
Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Argyle Rd (131426)
Account No.: 1355141761
Reference: Child’sName and Surname/AE/Oct 2023

Please email the proof of payment to [email protected]

Teachers: Janine Flint : 0827818550 & Anila Parsotam: 0834120064

* Attendance of all sessions is compulsory.
* No recording of any of the online material.
* The room should have enough light so that the teacher will be able to see the child.
* You will need to keep the camera on during the sessions. The camera should be positioned such that the teacher can easily see your face and
upper body.
* Only registered participants can be in the room. No exceptions.

* The room should be private and quiet during all sessions. For privacy, you will need to keep the room door closed.
* Have a yoga mat available
* Room should have a window that you can open for fresh air
* No pets and no other children (unless registered for the programme) allowed in the room during the sessions
* Water bottle
* Tissue Box
* Blanket / Shawl
* Pillow
* Wear loose fitting comfortable clothes
* You will need a few A4 sheets of paper and a pen.

NB: We will notify parents on items needed for the craft.

Go to [1]  You can download the Zoom app for your laptop or tablet for free. Please familiarise yourself with Zoom, especially the chat feature before the course begins.

* Ensure you have good Wi-Fi connectivity in the room. It will greatly enhance your video & audio quality and experience. Have fewer devices connected to your wireless network. Children are welcome to share a device as long as they can both be seen on the screen.
* Please note that over the course of 3 days, you will require approx. 3 to 5 GB of data for proper streaming of all the sessions. Make sure that you have purchased enough data before the program starts.
* Please use a laptop or a personal computer for all the sessions of the program – preferred not to connect from your cell phone. Ensure your laptop is charged.

The event is finished.

Hourly Schedule


6:00pm - 8:30 pm


10:00 am - 12:30 pm


10:00 am - 12:30 pm


Oct 06 - 08 2023

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 06 - 08 2023