A Dream for the Conscious Kenyan Community

“Are there any Kemetic yoga teachers or past-life regression therapists in Kenya?” “Where can I buy ethically and locally produced sage, crystals, superfoods or essential oils?”

“Is anyone planning an ecstatic dance, drum circle or group meditation this week?”

The answer to questions like these is usually “I’m sure there’s someone, but how to find them, I don’t know. Let me ask around…” And so the wild crested crane chase begins… And thus the Conscious Kenya dream was born:


The wellness community in Kenya is growing as people are finding their lives becoming more hectic, fast-paced and demanding, thus calling for a return to connection with the body, the spirit and the Earth. However, it can be difficult to find exactly that therapist, coach or teacher you are looking for.

Similarly, most mainstream products in the supermarkets and online stores were mostly not created with your best interests at heart, and finding healthier alternatives can be a futile and expensive search.

Conscious Kenya was born out of the recognition that the wellness community in Kenya was very scattered, and there was a need for a platform where wellness practitioners and vendors of holistic products could come together and share their services and products.

A platform with no long chain of middle-men, so one can buy directly from the producers. A platform where Kenyans can find products that are created in an ethically and ecologically responsible way – no harmful chemicals, no animal testing – just love and dedication to wellness of people and planet. A platform where it’s easy to find your local Kundalini yoga teacher, or your local vendor of natural body butters and soaps.

A platform where you can quickly and easily connect with the conscious tribe. We hope you enjoy exploring the wide range of holistic events, services and products available right at our doorstep. We wish you good health, inner peace, joy and love.