About Conscious Kenya

Conscious Kenya – community for holistic living and collective awakening

Our Mission

1. Become the world’s number-one destination for African healing knowledge.

  • Bringing Kenyan healing wisdom to the world
  • Linking Kenyan healers and wellness/eco vendors to the world.

2. Unite Kenyans across the country who are interesting in living conscious, healthy, happy, awakened lives through an online platform (website) and app that will serve as the hub for all things wellness and conscious throughout Kenya.

3. Make marketing of wellness services and conscious products seamless so healers and creators can focus on what they do best: healing and creating!

Our Vision

  • A vibrant, thriving local community for holistic wellness
  • Easy access by Kenyans countrywide to quality conscious, wellness, organic and eco-friendly products
  • Easy access by Kenyans countrywide to trusted healers, herbalists, alternative therapists and their services, events, workshops, retreats and courses
  • Easy access by the world to Kenyan healers, herbalists, shamans and independent vendors of conscious, wellness, organic and eco-friendly products
  • Healers, herbalists, alternative therapists/practitioners, and independent conscious vendors are comfortably living off their passion through this community and network
  • Practitioners and vendors are connected to a wide network of conscious consumers nationally and internationally
  • Connection of like-minds across the African continent for a revival of African consciousness and power from the roots and through the herbs and indigenous knowledge
  • Creatives across Kenya are sharing their conscious content to a large, eager local and international network through the multimedia blog, as well as selling their conscious products (art, music, etc), through the conscious marketplace

Our Values

  • Conscious Community
  • Collaboration instead of competition
  • Collective Awakening
  • Kindness
  • Healing
  • Ease and Abundance for All
  • Creativity
  • Traditional Knowledge
  • Umoja. A united Afrika.