Cutting unhealthy cords and redirecting the energy flow so that you begin to feel healthier

Energy Healing is a pleasant and powerful therapy that helps you connect to your inner source of vibrancy and life force, making it available to shift physical, emotional, and mental dysfunction to health and well-being.

Energy Healing is based on the understanding that the human energy field is a dynamic system of powerful influences, in a unique relationship to physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

We readily accept that our body functions and is powered by energy. Our heart beats using energy pulses. Our brain and nervous system communicate with our entire body through complex energetic pathways. Our human energy field is constantly reacting to the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of our body.

Energy Healing works on all our energy centres (chakras). It also focuses on the energy field (aura) that surrounds our bodies, organs, and individual cells.

It address blockages and opens the natural channels of our being at a high vibrational level, so mind, body, and spirit are functioning together optimally. The body can then work to reverse dysfunction and disease through its natural ability to heal itself.

Sometimes crystals and chakra healing wands may be used because these can enable healing.