Full Crystal Reiki Session

Crystal Reiki is a combination of Crystal Therapy and Reiki Energy healing.

The session combines the benefits of Reiki Healing and the energetic healing of crystals and stones.

The session begins with me and the client taking a moment to note any issues that they wish to address. Once we gather all the necessary information, the client lays down on our table and we begin laying crystals in strategic places, both addressing issues of concern, what I feel as an energetic healer needs addressing and move stones as the energy moves.

While the stones are working, I use energy to send healing through out the body and move throughout accordingly.

We take a moment remove stagnant energies using my ethically sourced Palo Santo or Holy Wood in the beginning and end of session.

At the end of the session, I provide any information that may have come through during the session and other healing techniques that the client can do at home for optimal healing.

The aim is for the client to feel relaxed and empowered.

Love and Light and I hope to connect with you soon.


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