Practitioner Benefits

Practitioner Benefits

Feature on Trusted Directory and Share the Quality of Your Work

  1. Listing on comprehensive directory of trusted Kenyan holistic wellness practitioners

  2. Share your qualifications, experience, and story

  3. Gain reviews and star ratings from clients

Easily Share Your Services & Events, and Get Bookings

  1. Personal menu of your services and offerings that potential clients can explore

  2. Appointments/bookings feature – customize your available timings & clients can book

  3. Share your events (free and paid) on the holistic wellness schedule

  4. Your event attendees, bookings and payments automatically managed through the website

  5. Hold/sell online workshops & courses (live or pre-recorded) through our courses platform

Gain More Clients, Event Attendees & Reputation

  1. Online marketing via Conscious Kenya’s newsletter (1000 subscribed so far and growing), Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and website

  2. Access to a niche community interested in wellness

  3. Access to network of clients across Kenya, East Africa and worldwide. Soon to be connected more intentionally across the African continent.

  4. Share your thoughts, expertise and art through our multi-media blog

  5. Create/join interest groups/forums on the community pages to network and find like minds

Extended Partnership

  1. Co-create & co-host live workshops and retreats

  2. Features on interviews & talkshows

  3. Co-create & promote pre-recorded online courses

  4. Feature on our Annual Conscious Kenya Festival

Additional Tech Benefits

  1. Access to Conscious Kenya’s Pro Zoom account for your online events

  2. Business dashboard to manage your profile, shop, bookings, events, sales, & clients

  3. Technical assistance in setting up your online courses and workshops

Affordability and fair share

  1. Minimal commissions on events and services (just enough to keep the features running)

  2. Affordable subscription plan includes all the above features

  3. Additional advertising available for extra fee

  4. 1 free month when you sign up and buy a plan