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Hello there!


I am a full on Multipotentialite. In my multi-faceted landscape of interests, I am most passionate about writing, healing and the great outdoors. For those who know me well, know that I am an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast.


An Empath, I put my empathic and intuitive skills to good use by engaging in energy healing work and holistic life coaching. With my passion for hiking and the outdoors I founded a hiking club, Women who Hike Africa and through this I birthed my flagship Outdoor Therapy Programme, The Mountain Within, which combines Hiking and Healing through a variety of modalities including Mindful Creativity – a form of Intuitive Art Therapy.

Practice Description

As an Energy Alchemist, I am here to help facilitate a shift in human consciousness. Utilizing energy work, hands-on healing, past life regression, Outdoor Therapy, Mindful Creativity, coaching and mentorship, I help people through their own awakening process and journey to bring their magic into the world and become the healers, coaches, guides and leaders they are meant to be.


People come to me for a variety of reasons and it really doesn’t matter what their reason or story is because I work with the energy behind someone’s story and not the story itself. That is where is real transformation takes place. Working with me is a powerful, confidential alliance that creates a safe space allowing clients to dig deep within themselves to identify certain energies and situations that aren’t working in their lives, to heal themselves mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, transforming the lead into gold.



Animals & Nature, Breathwork, Coaching, Counselling and Psychology, Dance and Movement, Divination, Energy Healing, Food and Nutrition, Martial Arts, Massage Therapy and Physical Manipulation, Meditation and Mindfulness, Shamanism and Esoteric Practices, Sounds, Scents and Colours, Therapy, Traditional Healing and Medicine, Yoga



Holotropic Breathing, Rebirthing Breathwork


Business/Executive/Leadership Coaching, Group Coaching, Life Coaching, Outdoor Therapy Coaching, Transformation Coaching


Art Therapy, Inner Child Integration Therapy, Integrated Therapy, Regression Therapy

Energy Healing

Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing, Energy Healing, Reiki Healing, Sound/Vibrational Healing

Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation Facilitation/Guiding

Shamanism and Esoteric Practices

Mediumship, Mystic Healing


Oracle Cards, Tarot readings

Sounds, Scents and Colours

Sound/Music Therapy


Mindfulness for Kids