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Orla is the International Co-ordinator for Wake Up Schools and has been practicing mindfulness for over 22 years in the Plum Village / Thich Nhat Hanh tradition. She was an editor for the award-winning book ‘Happy Teachers Change the World’. Her courses are founded on learning together as a family, blending character strengths and positive neuroplasticity.

In addition to having founded many mindfulness initiatives, Orla is an advisor to the World Happiness Festival and speaks regularly at the Mindful Kids Peace Summit, and Mindfulness in Education Summit amongst others.


I teach how to build happier communities. Your family, your work, your school – these are all communities that we are part of. Imagine if each was a kinder, happier environment – how much easier it would be for us to thrive?

First, we learn to take good care of ourselves. We get to know ourselves and our habits, deepening understanding and strengthening our ability to be there for ourselves.

From there, we radiate outwards. When our presence is solid and we feel cared for, then we can be there for others.

I am a leader in Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice, which helps us to start with the best of us – where we’re already strong.