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Hello I am Kiran

I am a certified Reiki Master Practitioner,  a certified Reflexology, Anatomy and Physiology Therapist, who combines science and spirituality to understand the mechanism of the body and ailments and seek holistic solutions. As a healer receiving messages in the form of colours has unearthed the intuitive abilities so that I am now a colour-aura psychic.

Having worked with numbers in my other life has enabled me to understand Numerology and unveiling the blueprint of the soul’s purpose in this life time. Provide Numerology Charts and Annual Numerology charts.

As a Universal Manifestation Coach, aiding beautiful souls in their unique journey to fulfil their life’s purpose.

Recently launched Hand-Poured & Reiki Charged Candles. The candles bring together reiki energy, essential oils and organic soya wax that are hand-poured in gold tins.

Practice Description

Founder of Aura (Magazine for the soul) here to inspire others, always looking for individual who would like to share their  inspiring stories with others. 

A Manifestation Coach – Teach tried and tested techniques that help individuals clear out blocks so that they can manifest their desired reality  with their uniqueness.

Numerologist – provide comprehensive numerology charts.

Reiki Master Practitioner provide distance reiki healing.

Sell Hand-Poured and Reiki Charged Scented Candles. 

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