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Clara is a trainer, consultant, educational psychologist and organizational coach whose passion lies in social empowerment: helping people and organizations build their capacities and evolve holistically. Her aim is to help people their potential.
Raised in Barcelona, Clara has been in East Africa since 2011, where she leads empowerment and skills-based workshops for organizations, schools, institutions, companies and private groups. Additionally, Clara offers educational psychology trainings. As a co-founder and board memeber at The Kobo Trust in Kenya, Clara oversees the humanitarian foundation’s objective of building resilience in vulnerable communities, and ran an Association in Barcelona from 2012 to now to help support The Kobo Trust’s great work.
Clara also offers group coaching and supports private clients through behavioral, cognitive and systemic therapy approaches that she has learned through her studies working under experts from Europe, Asia, Africa and the U.S.
Clara’s enthusiasm, energy and flexibility have allowed her to successfully work with people from different cultures, religions and backgrounds. Each time she applies a new technique, she experiences how she can build stronger bridges to connect people to each other and their own potential.