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Kanga Yoga, Sound Healing & Breathwork

Spoil yourself to an afternoon and evening of relaxation, rejuvenation and healing with Kanga Yoga, Sound Healing & Breathwork.

Kanga yoga

Kanga yoga is an energetic, alignment-based flow yoga practice using music, gravity and the breath to rediscover and rejuvenate the body and mind.

Paska’s classes are suitable for all levels and abilities. She teaches from the heart, connecting with her students one at a time. Her classes start with breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation exercises to help her students connect deeply physically, spiritually and emotionally.

About your Kanga Yoga facilitator:

Paska Atim completed her first teacher training with Africa Yoga Project in Nairobi. After graduating, she moved to Lamu to study and teach. She completed her second teacher training with Karuna Yoga Journey. After connecting with Kanga Yoga in Lamu, Paska moved to Nairobi for her daughter’s studies. The Kanga Yoga philosophy resonated with her so much so that she applied for the 2020 Kanga Yoga Teacher Training.

Sound Healing

Lie down and allow your body and mind to be soothed into a deep meditation and sound journey guided by the healing sounds and vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowls, Indian bamboo flute and Vietnamese dragon gong.

Also known as vibrational medicine, sound healing uses sound and vibration for healing on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. Everything that exists is vibrating with energy, including the body cells. When an organ or tissue is unbalanced, vibrating ‘out-of-tune’, disharmonious, not at ‘ease’, it leads to ‘dis-ease’.  Sound healing works to restore the bodily organs to harmonious resonance with the whole being.

The Himalayan singing bowls have a history of 1000s of years being used by Bonpo shamans and later, Buddhist monks. We will experience them being used to cleanse and heal the physical body, the mind and the energetic body, while taking us on a journey to where we most need to go. More information on my website here https://nomadgirltales.com/sound-healing/

About your Sound Healing facilitator:

Sound healer, travel blogger, backpacker, meditator on rocks, giver of loving hugs, simple soul of love.. Also known as Child of the Earth, Narissa practices sound healing with the Tibetan singing bowls, a form of Nada Yoga that she studied in Nepal. She is also a certified Hatha yoga, pranayama and meditation teacher. She works with the earth energy as guide and channel, and will connect with you from a deep space of love.

Catch Your Breath

Have the events occurring in your life ( the year 2020) made you think “If only I could only catch my breath?” Do you desire peace and calm? Are you wondering how to reconnect with your center and stand in your power?

Come catch your breath with me. Come explore and experience breathing as more than an unconscious body function.

Breathing allows us to speak, laugh, sing, cry. It gives us life and in abundance if we allow it. In these times, when we feel like things are out of control, coming back to how we are breathing helps us be with emotions, supports well being, grows our resilience and helps us manage our energy.

About your breathwork facilitator:

Michelle is a psychotherapist and breathworker. She facilitates and designs spaces for personal and collective transformation. Michelle is skilled in working with diversity and supporting well-being with over 14 years of experience of working with different communities. She seeks to inspire in all she does and loves rolling in the grass.


Mat(s) to lie on, pillow, eye-mask/face towel, water, blanket(s), comfy clothing and any prop or cushioning you may require.

Book your spot:

You can attend all 3 in-person sessions at Kanga Studio in Loresho, to benefit from direction connection and space held by experienced practitioners (Limited slots, 3000/- for all three). Confirm your space by Mpesa to 0717685161.

The event is finished.

Hourly Schedule

Saturday 19th 2020 - Kanga Studio Nairobi

2:15pm - 3:15pm
Kanga Yoga with Paska
5:00pm - 6:00pm
Sound Healing with Child of the Earth
6:30pm - 7:30pm
Catch Your Breath with Michelle Mashonganyika


Sep 19 2020


2:15 pm - 7:30 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Sep 19 2020
  • Time: 7:15 am - 12:30 pm


Kes 3,000