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The Science of Energy Healing

The Science Behind Energy Healing ?

Beyond the woo-woo hands-waving and imaginary shadowy figures… ? ?

What is energy healing actually based on? Tonight we talk with Metaphysical Sciences PhD Alia Datoo:
⭐ Can we actually feel the energy body?
⭐ Are the chakras real?
⭐ How can we access our own inner healer?
⭐ What is “vibe” really about?
⭐ What’s legit and what’s not
⭐ Spiritual protection & psychic self-defence

We will also hear the story of Alia’s own personal journey to becoming an energy healer, how she met her teachers, and the challenges she has had to overcome.

We will then open up to your questions – feel free to ask about angels, channeling, fasting, archetypes, astrology, crystals, dreams, herbs, hypnosis, psychic abilities, reincarnation, shamanism, breath, feng shui, qi gong, taoism, death, aura, astral projection, or anything you’re curious about in the world beyond the physical…

TONIGHT on the Conscious Kenya Show at 8pm!

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Jun 15 2021


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  • Date: Jun 15 2021
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