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What is My Life Purpose?


Gain deeper insight into the nature of your body, emotions, aura & thoughts with Neerja Handa

Are you still looking for your life’s purpose? Most core issues of your present life come from faulty the perception of your life plan’s blueprint? This happens because our focus is primarily placed on external factors resulting in self-sabotage and feelings of emptiness and pain.
By embracing self healing, we start to regain clarity and balance in our lives and positively influence the lives of those we love and the world.   This workshop will help you:

  • Understand how your mind works
  • Positively transform your habits them in 21 days?
  • Regain clarity and focus within yourself?
  • Reconnect with your spiritual self?
  • Understand your purpose and soul journey and live the best version of your life This workshop will help you to understand the reasons for your struggles and challenges and help you navigate these with grace, ease and confidence.

Dear Seekers of life purpose who need clarity and bliss in their relationships, workplace or family life.

? Out of 6.8 billion people existing on Earth, 5.97 billion people are still looking for their purpose of life. Are you one of them?

? Do you know that the core issues of your present life come from the faulty perception of the blueprint of your life plan?

? This majorly happens because we focus on others and in the bargain we sabotage our own life and create void in our lives?

? This void is then filled up with most uncomfortable and painful emotions.

? Such emotions take away our potential of understanding our life with clarity.

? The only solution to this is self-healing. By healing yourself, you can heal your environment.

More than 15000 lives have been touched by the technique. We will learn:

? How the minds of human being work
? How the habits are formed and how to change them in 21 days
? How to focus on yourself
? How to go and find the solution inside you instead of looking for it outside of you
? How to get in touch with your own spiritual self
? Understand who, what and why of your existence on earth
? Where are you stuck and how to jump out of it? What’s the journey of your soul?

Timings: 6:30pm-9:30pm EAT on 5-6th Feb 2022

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Sign up: https://consciouskenya.com/courses/self-healing-conscious-self-creation-workshop/

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  • Date: Apr 12 2024
  • Time: 5:00 pm - 5:00 pm