The Divine Feminine

Remembering our Ancient Wisdom

13 May - 5 Aug 2021

With Paula Arranz - Mujer Naturaleza

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Paula · 2020-11-28

Learn about the magic hidden within your feminine cycle, from manifestation to intuition to dream interpretation. Learn how to self-care for your mind, emotions, body, and specifically the feminine organs. Explore love, pleasure and sacred sexuality. Connect with your menstrual blood. Make your own eco-pad and moon chart. Learn about yoni steaming, hormone balancing and balance your masculine and feminine energies. Explore your own unique relationship with your cycle and harness your inner wisdom and power.

We will discover and bring into blossom our divine feminine through meditations, breathing, movement and dance, art-therapy, oracles, sharing, medicine tales and much more. Self-knowledge is key to this workshop. Everything taught is a suggestion – each woman is unique and you are invited to explore and find your own wisdom, connecting with your own authentic nature and sacred femininity.

You can book your spot in the full course on this page, which is recommended as the workshops are all connected in a flow. Alternatively, you can choose 6 of the classes to attend at 6600 KES ($66), pay via the second ticket option here and chose your workshops here.


The course has 12 online workshops meetings + 1 introductory FREE workshop (link to watch it below), which will be carried out live by Zoom on Thursdays from May to July from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. kenian time.

In addition, if you register for the full course, includes a PDF guide with all the course content and access to Drive with complementary material and bibliography. A WhatsApp or Telegram group will also be created for support and monitoring. It is a course for all women with or without their blood and / or physical uterus.


Day 1: Wisdom of your Feminine Cycle – FREE Workshop

Watch it here:

  • What does feminine cyclicity mean? Why is it important to connect with it (whether or not you have your period or physical uterus)?
  • Understand deeper the 4 phases of your menstrual cycle and their spiritual significance
  • Moon chart / menstrual diagram – tools to observe and collect information about your cycle
  • Practices to connect with the wisdom of your cycle, and activate your uterus
  • Group sharing and learning

Day 2: Preovulation: the Warrior Woman and Yoni Care – 20th May – 8 Pm Kenya

  • Explore the pre-ovulatory phase, the associated archetypes, and its potential in the creative process
  • Self-care tools and importance
  • Learn about vaginal and menstrual care: cup, free bleeding, pads, etc
  • Make your own ecological sanitary towel/pad

Day 3: Self Care, Self Love and Art Therapy – 27th May – 8 Pm hrs Kenya

Guest: Ulla Makena – Facilitating the Art Therapy

  • Explore your mental and physical bodies
  • Self-care of these bodies in the different phases of your cycle
  • Self-care of your breasts
  • Connect and listen to your mental and physical bodies through meditation
  • Art Therapy with Ulla Makena

Day 4: Ovulation, Contraception and Creation – 3rd June – 18:00 hrs Kenya

  • Explore the ovulatory phase, the associated archetypes, and its potential in the creative process. 
  • Learn how to recognise your ovulation and your different fluids
  • Natural and unnatural contraceptives
  • Connect with the power of co-creation and creation through tales.

Day 5: Hormonal Balancing – 10th June – 8 Pm Kenya

Guest: Jenelle Katrine – Fgs Wellness

Hormonal Balancing is Holistic (Hormones are affected by daily lifestyle and habits)

  • sleep
  • nourishment & diet
  • environment
  • movement
  • stress
  • spirituality

* Unique puzzle, not a formula but discovering your own alignment

Many different paths to balancing & healing, two examples of options:

  • Seed Cycling
  • Secret Ceres

Day 6: Emotions: connect, recognise, reléase – 17th June – 8 Pm Kenya

  • Explore your emotional body
  • Recognition and repression of emotions
  • Learn about the experience/need Gestalt cycle 
  • Connect with your emotions and how to release them through movement and dance.

Day 7: Pre menstruation, The Enchantress. Pleasure and Dream Interpretation – 24th June – 8 Pm Kenya

  • Explore the pre-menstrual phase, the associated archetypes, and its potential in the creative process. 
  • Learn about the parts of your body involved in your pleasure.
  • Connect with the power and wisdom of your dreams and learn to interpret them.

Day 8: Sacred Sexuality – 1st July – 8 Pm Kenya

  • Learn about conscious and sacred sexuality. 
  • Talk about Love and Pleasure
  • Connect with your sensuality and sexuality through your 5 senses in meditation.

Day 9: Wisdom of your menstrual Blood The Wise Woman – 8th July – 8 Pm Kenya

Explore the menstrual phase, the associated archetypes, and its potential in the creative process. 

Self knowledge through the observation of your menstrual blood and learning to self-diagnose your health, the state of your organs, and the  manifestations in your mind and emotions, through Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Day 10: Yoni/Vaginal Steaming – 15th July – 8 Pm Kenya

Guest: Ahlam Nuur – Hibiscus Womb

  • History of Yoni Steaming and where it’s practiced and why it was unknown up until recently 
  • Benefits and methods of steaming
  • Herbs and their benefits and steam set up without herbs 
  • Intake form and understand each women’s constitution 
  • Other modalities of healing such as breath work, self massage, essential oils, (body) movement, 
  • When steaming is encouraged, array of women’s symptoms and impact of stress on our cycles 
  • Understanding Fourth trimester, miscarriage, trauma (physical and energetic), menopause (including peri menopause) 
  • Starting period, journey to period
  • Understanding quality, texture, color of menses, stagnation, pain ect 
  • Sharing journey to steaming 
  • Passing an in-depth understanding of our cycles, womb and self 
  • ‘We are the state of our wombs’

Day 11: Intuition, Manifestation and Menstrual Medicine – 22nd July – 8 Pm Kenya

  • Learn ways to connect with the healing and manifesting power in your cycle
  • Connect with the power and wisdom of your menstrual blood, resignifying your relationship with it: learning different ways to use it, conserving, doing rituals and doing our own medicine with it.
  • Connect with your inner guidance and intuition through oracles.

Day 12: Feminine and Masculine Energy: the eternal dance – 29th July – 8 Pm Kenya

Guest: Ulla Makena

  • Intro to the energies and the eternal dance they are in
  • Expression of masculine and feminine energy: healthy and unhealthy expressions
  • The war between them, the union of them
  • Core of the Earth Visualization meditation
  • Shamanic drum and chant to connect to masculine energy, to awaken and support feminine energy.

Day 13: Ovarian Breathing & Feminine Alchemy – 5th August – 8 Pm Kenya

  • Connect and integrate all the women we can be during our cycle.
  • Learn about Ovarian Breathing, Feminine Alchemy
  • Connect with our manifesting, transformative and alchemical power through the Ovarian Breathing.

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