Past Life Regression



It’s time to take a trip down Memory Lane.

We are all on a spiritual journey, experiencing the growth of our Soul across many lifetimes. How have you progressed? What lessons have you learned? In what ways is Spirit still calling you to grow? Through Past Life Regression, you will be able to actually see who you were in other lifetimes.

If you feel stuck in life, unable to accomplish a goal or a dream, or continue to make the same poor choices or have addictions or bad habits, Past Life Regression can help unlock revealing memories from other lifetimes that may show how & where these blockages occurred. We carry emotional and energetic memories of past failures & achievements, broken hearts, injuries and even death from one lifetime to the next. If your Soul is fragmented across several lifetimes, it can create real areas of blockage in this lifetime. ‚Äč

Using a combination of Relaxational Centering, Guided Meditation, Open Visualization, Reiki Energy and other techniques, you will be able to access other lifetimes you have lived and begin the restoration process.

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  1. Patricia Chemutai

    Is this safe? Am always a little scared about finding things in my past that I may not want to know

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