Bikram Yoga Nairobi

Bikram Yoga Nairobi Bikram Yoga Nairobi

We provide you with a safe space to challenge and push yourself to achieve overall wellbeing and a deeper connection to self. The entire Bikram Yoga Nairobi team is here to support, guide and encourage you on your personal fitness and wellness journey.


Bikram Yoga is a 90 minute series of 26 Hatha yoga postures and two breathing exercises, carried out in a room heated to 40 degrees celsius and 40 percent humidity. The combined heat and humidity increase muscle flexibility and can help to prevent injuries. Bikram Yoga is also very detoxifying, releasing large numbers of toxins through the breath and through the skin by sweating.


We are Kenya’s first hot yoga studio, offering 33 classes a week, led by professional yoga instructors, all of whom have undertaken intensive training with Bikram himself. We have a beautiful yoga room which can accommodate up to 45 students in any one class. The studio also boasts large changing rooms, and a juice bar serving healthy fresh juices and smoothies in our lounge area.

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