Biases – the most ingrained divisive aspects of humanity!!

I am amazed, surprised and often shocked at the shared ‘opinions’ I hear at events, meals and at my workshops. It concerns me that most people speak without examining the content that pours out of their mouths. Naturally this means that they have not really examined the contents within their minds which consist of innumerable components.

Biases heavily constitute and impact our attitude, behavior and quality of life. Let’s simplify what a bias is to ensure we are all on the same page. A bias is a prejudice, preconceived notion, predisposition or partiality towards something or someone, a group or a belief system. Biases are created through umpteen channels of distribution from family, culture, experience, religion, environment, education, media, ethnicity, race, gender, sexuality and the list is endless.

Biases become ingrained within us and become entwined within our beliefs impacting our perception which in turn impacts our lives. When we believe in something stoically and unquestioningly we put a brick wall in our own paths to opening our minds and the possibility of a different and/or better way. Biases keep us imprisoned in the way things have always been and close the door to a myriad of potential possibilities to create new pathways. It is important to note that preferences based on ‘mindful’ choices ought not to be confused with biases.

Recently, in the midst of a group of people discussing the hot topics of leadership, tribalism, the new constitution and elections, I was stunned to hear each person’s views. The input on each of the topics was fragmented as well as confused and on what was considered to be the definition of an authentic leader. The discussion turned to tribe, religion, heritage, loyalty to the old guard, age, status, grouping, support and finally their links to the past. I had my jaw on the floor collecting fluff as things got heated and every person had a different version and picture in their mind.

The question of a person with the right qualities, value system, character analysis not only of their public performance but of their private lifestyle nor how/by when/ through what means would they deliver their promise to Kenyans seemed to be lost in the discussion. Each person’s personal biases seemed to be interfering with the bigger picture on identifying the direction we need to take as Kenyans collectively in our choice of the next league of authentic leaders for our country and people. If a supposedly informed group cannot wrap their heads around and agree on the way forward how do we expect to harness collective genuine decisions to change our country?

How do we share and educate the public on what their vote means and what it must look for in any leader they choose? Doing the same as we have done since 1963 is going to give us the same results and a mish mash of politicians that keep supremacy dominant and king. We keep getting hood winked by free words and promises that keep us bound in smallness and limitation. It is time to deeply scrutinize and investigate where we are operating from and identify and dissolve the biases that have separated us at all levels.

Tribalism cannot be used as an excuse anymore and neither should religion cause the divides amongst us as it has. We are living in the 21st century where the world has moved from an ethnocentric culture towards a world-centric way of life. Africa is the continent where the rest of the world wants to live and we cannot afford to be re-colonized, bought at the price of our future generations nor undersold. This can only be stopped if we elect AUTHENTIC Leaders who have their people at heart.

We are at crossroads and we must learn to develop our own markets through learned skills and interdependent behavior rather than allow our biases to sell our talents at any price!

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