Appreciating our Diverse Contrasts!!

Appreciating our Diverse Contrasts!!

Duality, polarities, night and day, water and fire, peace and war are all themes consisting of the diverse contrasts of the world we exist in. There is no mistake in the way the world was created and no way of determining the order or chaos we have arrived at. It is the way it is! However here is the billion dollar question, can we change ‘what is’ to create more peace, order, balance and harmony as opposed to creating more of the chaos? There definitely is a way and this is the responsibility each one of us needs to take as a human being who happens to be here right now.

Can we change the color of the skin or night from day? How the planets revolve around each other or where the sun rises and sets? How the tidal waves find land or the cycles of the full moon? Can we do anything about the human anatomy or the nature of life? Many questions with a simplistic response; No, we cannot change the natural law that governs our lives as that is how creative intelligence works.

What we can change is how we exist, perceive, behave, co-exist and live our lives in accordance to this incredible ‘Natural Law’ that gives us life.

It seems that over the decades we have turned our attention from living to existing by the hair of a thread. The more we have the more we want which sends us into a frenzy of searching for how much more we can consume with ‘enough’ being sightless and beyond our radars.

The contrast of ‘Natural Law’ has created each one of us as individuals living within a body, mind and essence. These contrasts however are only skin deep on the surface where the physical body is concerned and unfathomable when it comes to the mind. When we get into the ‘essence’ ‘soul’ ‘spirit’ aspect of things, we are all made up of the same stuff. When one peels away the layers of race, tribe, socialization, environment, education and the endless external list of stuff that dictates our so called ‘identity’ we are all the same. These identity labels cause our human suffering and separation as it binds us to that which is really superficial. These labels make us feel that fortunate or unfortunate, rich or poor, clever or stupid, worthy or unworthy. This then leads to the never-ending cycle of comparison and negative competition which ‘hooks’ us to the world of insatiable of more, more and more. The ‘more’ in this case is only stuff outside of us, it is not the ‘more’ that contributes to balance, internal peace and harmony.

Consider this; there is no Jewish anger, Christian hate, Muslim sadness, Hindu joy, African disappointment, European anxiety or American pain. We all have the same emotions differing and varying in intensity based on a individual personal socialization, understanding and experience. So how come we have become a world of coagulated veins running through the earth body ready to burst at any threat to our surface needs and wants? How come we do not give our ‘essence’ the same stimulation and luxuries that we give our bodies and senses? We live in hazardous times where it takes a catastrophe to jolt one out of their gluttonous physical needs.

So if contrasts are the way life is, then why do we create an endless trail of more of that which does not serve us rather than that which does? Why can we all not take a leaf out of the lives of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Vishnu and Abraham? Every single one of them promoted the need to go within and find peace in this lifetime and that’s through constant and consistent inward contemplation. This was not the once a week requirement but a daily practice that we seem to have forgotten about in our ‘busy-ness’ and the lack of appreciation of the quality of life we can acquire with less external stimuli and more internal contemplation. Make no mistake in confusing contemplation with the highly analytical mind. They are two very different means of the mind’s making. So how about we find a balance in our diversely contrasting world where we are all like visitors at a fair!!

By Tazim Elkington

Beyond Qomfort Zones is a series of thought provoking articles published every first Monday of the Month.

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